Superior Intelligence is Created by Inferior Intelligence

In the book ‘I, Robot’ there is a memorable scene where a robot called Cutie is discussing the origin of his existence with two humans. Unwilling to believe that he was created by humans, he reasoned that “It goes against all the dictates of logic to suppose that you made me.” The scene is quite entertaining […]

The way I see Bitcoin and why I love it

Imagine one day you open the news and read about the discovery of a new island called Plutus. The island looks beautiful and exciting so you decide to go live there. You pack everything and go, to your surprise, you find that 100 people got there before you and have already established some ground rules. […]

How to build a conscious machine

The greatest thing about humans is our consciousness and capability to reason about the outside world. In this post I want to explore how that could be possible with software. Step 1: Build a goal mechanism: consciousness requires continuous goal chasing. Conscious beings have the goal mechanism embedded in their biology, i.e: chasing food for […]

What Information Really Is

I have always been fascinated by information and how we could control it. That pushed me to do database research while in school and landed me in a job where I deal with huge amount of data so I wanted to explore what information really is. Information is only relevant when we are directly involved […]

The Ideal Software Language

Today, in order to make a great software, there must be a series of libraries, frameworks, programming languages and so on to make it happened and there is not a single end to end solution. If we were to make a complete solution, I think it should have the following: 1. It must be capable […]

Entrepreneurship Opportunity

I built a great software for organizing all sorts of soccer games whether pickups or leagues but then realized I don’t have the time to run the business because I’m busy with other priorities and I’m looking for someone who wants to take over. Here is what the software is capable of: Connects players based […]


Now that I have accumulated few years of experience as a programmer. I thought it would be nice to describe what I like and what I dislike about programming: What I dislike: Multi platforms: Having to write the same software for multiple platforms is an absolute nightmare and that’s why I prefer web applications over […]

My New Approach To Entrepreneurship

I always thought that entrepreneurship is always about finding problems to solve for the general public, figuring out what people want and delivering based on customers’ need. I no longer believe that is true. I think entrepreneurship is and always has been a selfish adventure, an adventure in which an individual or a group of […]

Law Of Progress and Unnecessary Complexity

Just few ideas floating in my head this week that I wanted to share: 1. Hidden law of progress: Based on only personal observations, I think there might be a natural law that will do anything to keep progress going forward. An example of this law: The death of dinosaurs was necessary for mammals to […]

5 Things that will make you smarter

Today I want to share with you 5 things I do daily that makes me about 20 times smarter than usual. I realized how important they are after I stopped practicing while on vacation and my intelligence has dropped by at least 30%. I feel miserable when my mind is not sharp enough, my happiness […]